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Stonegate Group

Partners in leading
real estate Companies
in Israel and the U.S

We founded the companies Acro Real Estate and Acro USA in partnership with Arabov Investments

Stonegate Group

We Built some of
The largest Environmental
Projects worldwide

We built the largest projects in Israel and worldwide in the field of environmental infrastructures

About us

Stonegate Group

Leading  Real Estate in Israel , U.S , E.U 

Leading Environmental Infrastructures

30 years of proven experience

Leading Environmental, Energy & Climate Tech.

Stonegate Group was founded in 1994 and specializes in real estate, environmental , energy & climate  infrastructures as well as in the development and promotion of environmental technologies. 

Since its inception, Stonegate and the group’s companies have built over 100 active leading projects in the fields of real estate and infrastructures, some of which are among the largest in the world. 

Stonegate has founded many companies in the fields of real estate and infrastructures, and has also joined as a strategic partner with companies that have become leaders in their fields. 

Since its inception, Stonegate Group has always been one of the first to identify new areas in real estate, environmental , energy, and climate, and has always been a leader in these fields. 

Stonegate Group emphasizes active entrepreneurship alongside conservative and active management, as well as continuous and in-depth analysis of every area in which it operates.

Real estate - Israel, U.S.A, and Europe

Stonegate, in partnership with Arabov Investments, founded Acro Real Estate and now Stonegate  is part of its controlling interest. 

Acro Real Estate has grown steadily and is now one of the leading real estate companies in Israel.

Acro Real Estate has completed numerous projects, some of which are leading projects in the real estate industry in Israel and the US.

In addition, Stonegate Group operates itself in the real estate industry in the US and Europe.

Stonegate invests significant resources in analyzing and monitoring real estate markets and has gained a high reputation in predicting cycles of growth and decline in various real estate sectors in many countries.

Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures

Stonegate Group has been operating in the environmental infrastructures sector for over 25 years and has been a pioneer and leader in environmental and renewable energy: hazardous waste  treatment, recycling, wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy, energy efficiency, and more.

Our subsidiaries have planned and built over 100 active  environmental and energy projects , in Israel and abroad, some of which are among the largest in the world, and have solved difficult national environmental problems through them.

In addition, Stonegate Group operates in the hi-tech fields of environmental, energy, and climate, and has even established a dedicated fund for these areas.

Real estate in Israel and the US
Acro Real Estate projects:

We founded Acro Real Estate and Acro USA in partnership with Arbob Investments

Stonegate Group

environmental is not a slogan

Over 100 active projects in the field of environmental are currently active and dealing at any given moment with the effluents of hundreds of factories, recycling materials, generating energy from waste, and saving energy in factories.

Pioneers in Israel in the field of environmental infrastructures

The Stonegate Group began planning and developing projects in the field of environmental infrastructures when it was still in its infancy

We built some of the largest projects in Israel and worldwide in the field of environmental infrastrutures

Stonegate Group was the first in the fields of hazardous waste treatment, waste to energy ,wastewater recycling , energy saving and more

We have built national projects and solved complex national environmental problems in Israel and wordewide

Stonegate has built the main environmental treatment facilities in Israel, such as the Ecosol facility (sold) and the Eco Oil facility. We carried out projects in the rehabilitation of rivers , Ramat Hovav site, stream rehabilitation, and solving large-scale wastewater problems in major factories.

Environmental , energy, and climate tech

Stonegte led dozens of technologies in the fields of environmental , climate, and energy, both as a strategic partner in companies and within the framework of a unique fund.

Stonegate Group

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Environmental, climate and energy technologies

Stonegate Group has always been at the forefront of environmental, energy, and climate technology. 

The companies in the group have allways been in forefrontof technologies in all fileds –  energy saving , wastewater treatment, recycling, waste to energy , biological treatments , hazardous waste reatment, and more.

The Stonegate Group founded Future Gate, a unique fund  for environmental, energy, and climate technologies.

Stonegate Group has led many companies and technologies from the lab to the heart of the industry and international markets.

Stonegate actively promotes technology with an active managment unique  model and  full involvement in business development, funding, investments, and penetration into international markets.

In addition, Stonegate provides a package that allows technology companies to integrate their technology into complex projects, access contracts using BOT, BO, and BTG (working with countries).

Stonegate invests many resources in market analysis and identification of revolutionary technologies, constant monitoring of technologies worldwide, and relationships with end customers and governmental  autorities around the world.

holdings of stonegate group:

 In addition to its growth through its subsideries , Stonegate Group has become a strategic partner in many companies, leading them to success time after time again including successfull exites.

Stonegate group partners with international companies to lead projects and technologies in the fileds of environmental , energy saving and waste  to energy projets.