Our Activities

Environmental & Energy Infrastructures

Stonegate began operating in the field of environmental infrastructures when it was still in its infancy and was the first to identify the potential in the field. The Stonagate group has been operating in the field for over 25 years and has completed over a hundred large and successful projects in the field, some of which are among the largest environmental projects in the world. In Israel and around the world, Stonegate has solved difficult and complex environmental problems. Stonegate was the first to operate in the fields of hazardous materials treatment, wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy production, energy saving and more.

פלורנטין מוקי - אקרו נדל״ן

Real Estate Israel

Stonegate was a partner in the founding of the real estate company Acro Real Estate, together with Arabov Investments.
Acro Real Estate has become one of the leading real estate companies in Israel and was listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Real Estate USA

Stonegate Group has been operating in the United States for many years, and through Acro Real Estate, it has established large projects in the US.
Today, Stonegate is very active in the U.S, mainly in all real estate sectors.

Environmental, energy and climate Tech

Stonegate Group has always been at the forefront of environmental technology, energy & climate technologies

Each company within the group has consistently been a technology leader in areas such as energy efficiency, biological waste treatment, waste to energy, wastewater purification technologies, and more. As part of this commitment, Stonegate Group established Future Gate, a unique investment fund dedicated to environmental ,energy & climate tech, being one of the world's pioneering funds in this field.

Real Estate Europe

Stonegate Group operates in the real estate field in Europe in partnership with IMMOREAL GROUP from Germany. The partnership between the groups is engaged in constructing innovative real estate under a new brand of international residential living experience with standardization worldwide.