Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures (formerly Acro Environmental Infrastructure)

Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures is a subsidiary of the Stonegate Group.

Stonegate Group has been operating for over 25 years in the real estate and infrastructures sectors in Israel , U.S and Europe.

Stonegate Group is one of the founders and partners of Acro Real Estate – a leading real estate company in Israel.

Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures specializes in the construction and operation of B.O , B.O.T and B.T.G. projects in the fields of Environmental, Energy, and Climate.

In addition, Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures specializes in Environmental, Energy, and Climate technologies

Stonegate Group began its activities in the field of environmental , renewable energy, and climate about 25 years ago, when the topic was still in its infancy and long before it became a hot topic.

Over the course of its 25-year history, Stonegate Group has operated in about 10 countries and, together with its subsidiaries, has built over 100 successful and active projectssome of which are among the largest projects in the world.

Stonegate Group was the first company to join international giant companies in join investments in these areas.

Stonegate was the first and leading company in many areas, including hazardous waste treatment, waste to energy, wastewater tertiary treatment ,energy efficiency, and more.

The group have always been at the forefront of environmental, energy, and climate technologies and always been one of the first to identify new technological developments and promote them.

The technological leadership enables us to quickly identify decline markets and exit them or renew them technologically.

Stonegate established Future Gate A unique and world-first High Tech fund that invested in technologies in the fields of Environmental ,Energy, and Climate, and operated in an active investment model.

Future Gate has advanced technological companies from the laboratory stage to the heart of industry and international markets, adapting technology to market needs.

Stonegate provides its subsidiary companies with a platform for market access, funding, integration of technologies in large projects, complementary systems gatway into B.O. , B.O.T. and B.T.G models and more.

Stonegate has founded many companies that have become leaders in their respective fields:

Ecosol – National facility for hazardous waste, the first in Israel.

Eco Oil – National facilities for hazardous waste , mineral waste , oils, and more.

Future Gate – A unique and world-first fund for promoting environmental, energy, and climate tech

Green Power – A leader in energy efficiency.

MBR Enviro Systems – A leader in tertiary biological membrane treatment in the world.

Acroxid – Air purification facilities , wastewater treatment for cooling power stations and more.

Stonegate has successfully solved challenging national and global environmental issues in Israel and around the world:

Elimination and rehabilitationand of the vast organic waste dumps in Ramat Hovav (Ramat Hovav incineration project) , Establishment of Ecosol Israel – a national facility for hazardous material treatment, Establishment of one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment facilities (Machteshim- Agan), Purification of effluent in the Yizrael Valley (Nazareth project) , daily purification of hazardous effluent (Eco-Oill), Energy efficiency for all leading industries in Israel , Energy efficiency in all courts and many government offices , Large-scale effluent purification in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and more.