Acro Real Estate

Stonagate Group founded Acro Real Etate company in collaboration with Arbov Investments.

Acro is a leading entrepreneurial company in the real estate industry in Israel, specializing in the development of large-scale projects in high-demand areas and their improvement. The company has many years of experience in which it has initiated and established a wide range of luxury projects for residential, office, commercial, and hotel purposes. The company is led by an integral and professional team that has accompanied its success for many years.

Acro leads a variety of luxury projects of impressive proportions that change the face of the city and constitute architectural landmarks.

Acro also operates in the United States and has built and led many prominent projects in the United States, identifying correctly the trends of pride and decline in the various US markets.

Acro continues to establish its position at the top of the Israeli real estate world while emphasizing uncompromising quality and high planning and execution standards in every project. Recently, the company was listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

After many years of activity in the United States and given the extensive knowledge we have gained in various real estate markets throughout the US, our real estate operations in the US are now being directly carried out by the Stonegate Group.

Among other things, the Stonegate Group currently operates in the US with entrepreneurs carefully chosen by us, so that our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to analyze and manage our investments with these various entrepreneurs, thus also creating added value for our shared ventures.