Acroxide is an advanced technology company a partnership of Stongate Environmental Infrastructures (formerly known as Acro Infrastructure) and Oxid Technologies.

Acro Oxide specializes in representing international companies that specialize in advanced environmental technologies and integrates these technologies into industrial plants.

Oxide Advanced Technologies was founded in 1981. The company specializes in the sale of semi-finished products made of special metals, such as titanium for the security industry, chemical industry, and aviation industry. The company also deals with the sale of process equipment, memory alloys, and the smart material “nitinol.” In 2015, due to the popularity of the material, established a website called “Smart Materials” that deals with the sale and development of applications using nitinol, polynol, and other smart materials.

Acroxid has provided complete facilities and advanced process equipment to many industries in the country, such as:

– Unique heat exchangers for energy efficiency

– Equipment for treatment of exhaust gases

– Advanced equipment for wastewater treatment

– wastewater Equipment for power stations