E.H.S. Technologies

E.H.S. Technologies specializes in the development, design, installation and operation of smart energy efficiency solutions, and is considered one of the country’s leaders in this field, offering a high standard of professional quality, reliability and uncompromising customer service.

The company is the sole agent and representative in Israel for several leading international products, and has also developed a number of proprietary products for use in air conditioning, electric motors systems, lighting and others. E.H.S has carried out projects for the Strauss Group, Israel Discount Bank, Teva, Paz, Fattal Hotels, Comverse, the Ministry of Infrastructures, the Ministry of Defense and other leading companies and organizations.
The company is an authorized supplier to the Ministry of Defense and an authorized supplier of energy services on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructures.
Recently, the company won a tender from the Modi’in Municipality to design and set up an autonomous street lighting system using photo-voltaic technology.