Eco Oil Ltd

Eco Oil Ltd. at Haifa Bay, certified to treat industrial sewage, collects and treats brine, oil and hazardous

Eco Oil Ltd. at Haifa Bay, is the owner of one of the largest and leading national facilities in Israel for the treatment of hazardous materials, industrial waste, recycling, and production of biogas from wast.

Eco-Oil handles a vast range of hazardous waste and pollutants, such as:

– Organic oil spills from food processing facilities, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, butchers, etc.

– Mineral oils from heavy industry, garages, gas stations, ports, power stations, the military, ships, etc.
– Hazardous materials and cleaning solutions from metal coating factories, spills containing etc.

– heavy etals, acids, and bases.
– Isotankers transporting hazardous materials.
– Emulsions and other hazardous substances.

Eco-Oil’s facilities operate using unique green technologies that do not emit hazardous substances into the environment. These technologies and processes were developed by the company and are among the most advanced in the world.

The company provides waste treatment services and obtains permits for all waste disposal carried out in its field. These permits certified by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health and are issued to facilitate regulatory inspections.

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