Ecosol -Incineration facility- hazardous waste treatment and energy production

One of the greatest environmental accomplishments in Israel

The first project of the Stonagate group.

The first project in Israel in the field of national treatment of hazardous waste.

When the environmental domain was in its infancy, the Stonegate group established the Ecosol company to deal with hazardous materials.

Stonegate established, through Ecosol, a national facility for all hazardous waste in Israel, with the highest investment ever made in Israel in the field of environmental at the time of its establishment.

The facility was built by Stonegate in collaboration with Scandinavian and integrated Danish-American technology giant companies. The facility was built on the basis of the most advanced technologies, enabling the destruction of hazardous and complex waste without hazardous air emissions and with heat recycling for energy.

The facility was built by the Stonegate group using the BO method, funded by it, and was actually one of the first BO projects in Israel.

In the period leading up to the establishment of the facility in Ramat Hovav, the environmental field in Israel was in its infancy, and an enormous amount of hazardous materials accumulated in the country, posing an environmental hazard.

The facility solved the most difficult and complex environmental threat in Israel in a decade.

Ecosol dealt with all types of hazardous waste in Israel, served all of Israel’s industry, and even generated energy from the waste.

Over time, Ecosol became a monopoly in its field and was sold by the Stonagate group to the French giant conglomerate Vivendi.