Planning and establishing the wastewater treatment facility of the Machteshim Agan Corporation

The wastewater treatment facility In Machteshim- Agan , is one of the largest and most complex projects in the world in the field of hazardous and industrial wastewater.

Machteshim Agan is one of the largest industrial complexes in Israel.

The plant was built by MBR Enviro Systems, a Stonegate Group company, in collaboration with Afcon and Beitman Engineering, with an investment of hundreds of millions N.I.S.

The basic technology in the plant is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology that was adapted by MBR for hard wastewater with high chlorine concentrations, which are considered especially aggressive wastewater, from more than 25 different factories on site, with an average flow rate of 3,500 m³/H.

The facility successfully treats all the wastewater from the Machteshim-Agan group’s factories.

Thanks to numerous systems that were installed before and after the complex membrane bioreactor treatment, there are no waste by-products at the end of the process, which allows Machteshim-Agan to be one of the first companies in the country to produce zero discharge.

The plant includes an advanced sludge drying system, which allows the use of dried sludge residues to produce enough fuel for all the factories’ needs.

The plant operates very successfully and has solved one of the country’s most difficult environmental pollution problems.

We are very proud to note that twenty years ago, Stonegate established Acosol and built the waste treatment facility in Ramat Hovav (see projects), which already dealt with a large part of the Machteshim-Agan wastewater.

After about 15 years, with the immense growth in the quantities of wastewater produced by Machteshim-Agan we built the current facility in the company’s areas of operation and completed the cycle.