Two wastewater recycling facilities –Tavor and Gezer

Supporting turbines cooling in power plants

A unique and innovative project for the Israeli electricity company.

Prior to the establishment of the project, power stations were built by the Israeli electricity company on the expensive coastline of Israel, with the aim of being close to the water source for cooling the turbines.

Acroxide, our subsidiary, initiated the establishment of power stations inland rather than on the rare and valuable coastline of Israel, cooling the turbines by purifying wastewater from a nearby purification facility.

The initiative became a reality, and Acroxide, a member of the Stonegate Group, planned and established, in collaboration with the Italian company, TMI, two factories – one in Gezer and one in Tavor – which recycle wastewater from nearby purification facilities and use the water for cooling turbines.

This has saved a severe view impact on the coastline, saved beaches, solved the problem of hot water flowing from the station to the beach and harming sea water, purified wastewater from the purification facility, and established power stations inland.