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Leading real estate
Leading environmemtal infrastructures
Leading environmental , Energy and Climate tech

Stonegate Group was founded in 1994 by Erez Gil, and for over 25 years, the group has been active in the following fields:

  • Real estate in Israel and worldwide
  • Environmental infrastructures
  • Environmental, energy, and climate thechnologies.

Since its founding, Stonegate has been committed to the values of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technological leadership, while maintaining a very strict risk management approach.

In the real estate field, Stonegate was a partner in the founding of Acro Real Estate and today is a partner in the company, which has become one of the leading real estate companies in Israel and has built some of the leading projects in Israel and the US.

Stonegate has gained a great reputation for identifying correct cycles of growth and decline in the real estate sector.

In the fields of environmental and energy, Stonegate has built over 100 projects  some of which are among the largest in the world in their respective fields.

Stonegate has been a partner in solving difficult national environmental problems in Israel and around the world, in collaboration with leading international companies.

Stonegate has led many technologies from the lab to the heart of the industry and international markets, and even established a unique fund in the world for environmental  energy, and climate tech.

Stonegate established many leading companies, the main ones are:

  •  Acro Real Estate – founded by Stonegate in collaboration with Arabov Investments.
  •  Stonegate Environmental Infrastructure (formerly Acro Infrastructures) – the group’s  main company in the infrastructures field, specializing in the initiation, management,   establishment, and financing of complex projects in the infrastructures fields and providing to the subsidiaries with a framwork that enables the implementation of technologies in complex   projects.
  •  Green power  – a leader in energy savings.
  •  Eco Oil –  facilities for hazardous waste treatment.
  •  Acosol – hazardous waste treatment facilities (sold).
  •  Acro USA – founded by Stonegate and Arabov Investments (part of Acro Group today).
  •  Future Gate – a unique and pioneering fund in the world for promoting  environmental,       renewable energy, and climate technologies
  •  MBR Enviro Systems  a leader in tertiary treatment of wastewater.
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Our core values

Always pioneering, alwayes innovative, and always at the forefront of technology

Our history is based on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technological leadership, not passive investments or tenders.

Active Management.
In-depth analysus for each field.

Our investments are all active and not passive. Every investment is accompanied by in-depth research of all aspects, on-site exploration, and meticulous management

History of investments at the right timing

In every field we operated in, we were the first. We always knew how to identify emerging markets. In the real estate sector, we always operated according to cycles of boom and bust - both in Israel and in the United States.

Building real value

We believe in healthy, clear and focused businesses. The Stonegate Group has always invested in businesses that generate clear added value and has always added its own added value to each business

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In the fields of environmental, energy and climate technology, we have always been at the forefront of technology, leading many technologies from the laboratory stage to the heart of the industry and markets worldwide.

Stonegate sees high value in technological innovation and therefore invests in a range of innovative and cutting-edge companies in these fields.

Stonegate has established Future Gate – a unique and first-of-its-kind venture capital fund specializing in environmental, renewable energy, and climate technologie.

The Stonegate group invests significant resources in market analysis, identifying revolutionary technologies, identifying high-potential companies, identifying opportunities based on macro analyses and technological analyses.

Our working method includes delving deep into the details and data.

We always operate as an active partner with significant added value – in management, marketing  and strategy , technology implementation, opening up possibilities for BOT, BO, and BTG models (working with governments).

The technological leadership has enabled the Stonegate group not only to be the first to enter many fields and lead them but also to identify decreasing  or stagnant markets and either exit them or create technological change in them.

Stonegate’s significant investment in in-depth market analysis and our technological leadership allows the group to lead, not be afraid to go against the tide, and make timely investments based on in-depth analysis rather than fashion.

Our management method includes innovation and creativity, leading new technologies alongside meticulous management.

Sonegate Group operates in the fields of real estate, environmental infrastructure and technologies, energy, and climate for over 25 years in Israel and abroad.

Stonegate has gained extensive experience and reputation in identifying trends, technologies, and cycles in all areas in which it operates.

In the real estate sector, about 15 years ago, Stonegate identified the expected developments in the field in Israel and the United States and founded, in partnership with Arabov Investments, the real estate company Acro Real Estate, which has become a leading company in its field.

In the U.S, Stonagate identified the 2008 crisis as the time to enter the market, and for over a decade of activity in the United States, it always identified trends in the American real estate market on time.

In the fields of environmental , energy, and climate, Stonegate was the first company in Israel to identify the economic potential in the field already 25 years ago and was the first to operate in the areas of hazardous waste treatment, energy saving , wastewater purification, recycling, and waste to energy.

Together with its subsidiary companies, Stonegate has planned and built over 100 successful environmental facilities in Israel and abroad, some of which are among the largest in the world, solving difficult national environmental problems.

Stonegate has founded numerous companies in these fields – see in detail – Stonegate Environmental Infrastructures.