Our Vision


For over 25 years, we have always been at the forefront of identifying trends in real estate, environmental  and energy infrastructure, as well as identifying leading technologies.

We have built over a hundred leading projects in the fields of real estate and environmental infrastructures, solved tough national environmental problems, and all of our projects are active.

We have led many technologies from laboratory stages to markets worldwide.


We aspire to continue to lead technological innovation in the fields of environmental, energy, climate, and real estate.

We aim to lead the future living and working environment in real estate and to lead real estate technologies.

We believe in healthy businesses with clear and tangible added value, both economically and environmentally.

Our vision is rooted in the DNA of the Stonegate group:

Stonegate group and its partnerships built more than 100 projects in real estate and environmental infrastructures, some of which are among the largest in the world. 

Each project we have built has been unique and innovative in its own way – both in real estate and in  environmental infrastructure.

In the field of environmental  we have built national projects that have solved some of the most difficult environmental problems in the world , using technological innovation – from national facilities for the treatment of hazardous materials (Acosol and Eco Oil) to many facilities for the purification and recycling of waste water in Israel and around the world, to large-scale projects in the field of energy conservation.

In real estate, we specialize in innovative real estate that combines a unique and innovative quality of life in the residential and office sectors.

The values of the Stonegate Group are based on an economic value combined with a real contribution to innovation, economics, and the environment.

Stonegate group invests heavily in market analysis, identifying revolutionary technologies, identifying companies with potential, identifying opportunities based on macro and technological analyzes.

our vision is to continue to lead trends and revolutionary technologies in the fields of environmental energy and climate, as well as in real estate.