Environmental, energy and climate tech

Over the years of its activity, Stonegate Group  established many companies as a result of its initiative and within the framework of this activity promoted many technologies both within the subsidiaries and directly.

Acquisition Of Companies And Promotion Of Advanced Technologies

The advancement of technologies and companies is done by us actively with our full involvement with the entrepreneur or developer, starting from the development stage, through the definition of the product and goals, full active management of the company, business development, financing and investments and penetration of international markets.

We are proud to point out that the vast majority of the companies and technologies we have invested in have not only succeeded, they have become leaders, profitable and some have been successfully sold.
This activity was even consolidated into a technology fund that we established – FUTURE GATE
which was founded by  Stonegate group together with the CYBER STEP company from England as a fund for investing in advanced environmental technologies.
Upon its establishment, FUTURE GATE was a pioneer in the field of venture capital funds that specialized in
environmental quality.

The fund operated in a unique investment model that combines holdings at a very high rate in the fund’s companies together with active management of the companies.

Cutting-Edge Technologies We Pioneered and Developed

This is a technology based on biological treatment, used in industrial and household wastewater treatment. The technology enables water purification to a level that allows the treated water to be returned to the deep sea or used for unlimited irrigation.

stonegate joined MBR Enviro Systems, a company that specializes in the development and implementation of third-generation purification technologies based on biological treatment. stonegate joined the company at its inception, and within four years, under our leadership, MBR became the leading company in tertiary wastewater treatment in Israel,
establishing giant purification facilities, including the Agam Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest of its kind in the world. The company has also broken into markets in Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, England, and more, and established some of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in the world.

Through this activity, we have constructed large wastewater treatment plants based on KUBOTA membranes, a leading Japanese company in the world. However, we added all the necessary components for the construction of a complete and functioning plant, including adapting biological treatment to wastewater, unique planning of membrane systems and their working methods, pre-treatment, sludge treatment, and more.

The technologies used for treating wastewater are well-known and widely used. Virometel has established unique facilities for treating plant-based and mineral-based oil and fat waste that are based on innovative biological treatment technologies, enabling the production of biogas from complex wastewater.

These facilities, which are grouped under the company ECO OIL, have become a central national plant for treating all types of industrial wastewater, serving over 1,000 customers and solving very difficult environmental problems.

The facilities handle most of the industrial wastewater produced in Israel, and over the years ECO OIL has developed unique technological capabilities for treating a variety of wastewater, with each technology tailored to the specific type of wastewater.

ECO OIL regularly incorporates advanced technologies for treating industrial wastewater and is at the forefront of technology in the field.

The company VeRometal has acquired EHS, a pioneer in the field of energy efficiency and developer of technologies for energy conservation. Since its acquisition by VeRometal, EHS has undertaken hundreds of projects in energy conservation for numerous factories in Israel, including Nature, Strauss, Elite, the Israeli Defense Forces, Elbit, the Israel Police, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Infrastructure, courthouses, municipalities, banks, fuel companies, and more.

EHS was the first to create BOT models in the field of energy conservation and implemented, among other projects, the largest energy conservation project in Israel – in all the courthouses and the Ministry of Finance.

Together with its parent company, Green Power, EHS has become the largest company in Israel in the field of energy conservation.

Stonegate Group, together with the U.K company Cyber Step, established the Future Gate Fund, which focuses on  promoting environmental  technologies. The Fund was the first of its kind, even before the tech industry discovered the environmental sector.

One of the companies funded by the Future Gate Fund, GAIA, developed a revolutionary technology for accelerating plant growth and increasing the concentration of active substances in plants, naturally and without the use of chemicals.

When Future Gate entered the field, GAIA did not yet exist, except for an entrepreneur and basic technology applied in the field of home plants and spices.

After extensive research, Future Gate decided to apply the technology to the food and pharmaceutical industries. After many market research and marketing activities, the first need in the food industry was identified – growing agave in Mexico for tequila production.

Agave is a cactus plant that produces the alcohol for tequila, and its fruit takes about 7 years to grow. Future Gate established a partnership with the world’s largest tequila producer with vast land holdings in Mexico for growing agave.

After several pilots and commercial cultivation, the technology was successfully implemented throughout Mexico’s fields.