ECO OIL Hazardous waste and wastewater treatment

Eco Oil isone of the most important and central infrastructures facilities in Israel for wastewater and hazardous waste treatment.

The facility is the result of an initiative by the Stonegate Group and serves as an example of Stonegate’s Work method, entrepreneurship and renewal.

After Stonegate established the Acosol facility in Ramat Hovav, the first national facility in Israel for treating hazardous waste, which became a monopoly and operated successfully for decades, Stonegate sold Ecosol and decided to establish another national facility using advanced and more efficient technology, including biotechnological and chemical technologies.

The facility was built using the BO method, funded by Stonegate and its partners, and was built using zero-emission technology.

Today, the facility is a leading facility in Israel for treating hazardous materials and industrial wastewater, vegetable oil, and mineral oil.

The plant has several production lines that treat all types of wastewater – vegetable oil, mineral oil, industrial wastewater, emulsions, and treatment of tankers, among others.

In addition, the biogas produced by the facility from waste is used by the plant for operation and sold to nearby factories.

For years, the plant has served hundreds of customers from all sectors and has solved serious environmental problems in northern Israel.