The wastewater treatment plant is located within the Talmah-Unilever industrial complex in Haifa Bay.

Thanks to its unique treatment capabilities, this facility can be located within food factories without violating either the strict regulations of Unilever worldwide or the Israeli Ministry of Health’s standards.

The facility operates at an average capacity of 250 cubic meters per day.

This facility demonstrates Stonygate’s ability to provide comprehensive environmental solutions to its clients while adapting to changing needs over time:

About 20 years ago, Ecosol, established by Stonegate, treated Unilever wastewater for thermal destruction at Ecosol, which was expensive for Unilever.

When Stonegate established the Eco Oil facility, Unilever’s wastewater was redirected to Eco Oil’s biological treatment facilities, which were less expensive.

The most difficult wastewater was collected by Stonegate and sent for recycling in the Netherlands.

With the increase in the quantity of wastewater produced by Unilever, Stonegate’s MBR facility was established within the factory for treatment.

For over a decade now, all of Stonygate’s companies have optimally treated Unilever’s wastewater at decreasing costs to the client.